Our beautiful polished aluminium tableware is hand made from recycled aluminium. The aluminium used for our tableware saves up to 90% carbon emissions compared to the production of new aluminium. The aluminium is cast then highly polished before the beautiful vibrant colours are added. The product is then hand finished with clear enamel and given one final polish. Recycled materials are used in packages and waste products are disposed of carefully. Here at Shinetableware all our beautiful recycled aluminium tableware is Certified food safe. We do recommend hand washing in warm soapy water. The products are not dishwasher safe.

Shinetableware are a small company that have specialised in style for many years. We have also been selling our products at Markets and Shows for many years. We believe in our products and we want you, our customers, to have the best experience. If you need to know anything please do ask, we always have time to discuss our products with our customers. No question is too small and no job too big.

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